Ashok Clinic is one of the oldest Care Centre for all kinds of Sexual Health problems related to both men and women. Our aim and vision are to provide a cost-effective, impactful, permanent and 100% safe treatment through Ayurvedic medicines.

Ashok Clinic was started in 1970 at a small room-clinic in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Later, we opened another branch at Pitampura, Delhi. Apart from Dr.Ashok Gupta, the Clinic has Dr.Rahul Gupta and Specialist Gynaecologist Dr. Meena Gupta as well to handle the female related sexual issues.

At Ashok Clinic, we provide the treatment and medicines for all kinds of sexual health like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Erection issues, Low Sperm Count issue, Loss of Libido, Infertility issue along with consultancy for psychological issues like Puberty, Hormonal changes in kids, Hypersexuality in men and women and Parenthood etc.

Sex is always considered as a taboo in India but Dr.Ashok Gupta, Senior Sexologist believes that there is a need of lot of awareness not only the adults but the children also about Sex Education. Ashok Clinic is of the view that Sex Education should be made compulsory through our Education System, so that many diseases are controlled and can be avoided. Similarly, when an adult man and woman are going to get married, they should understand each other, along with knowing how an opposite sex partner body behaves in a certain situation. This is a must for every person to move towards a happy married life. And whenever there is a sexual health issue, it should immediately be discussed with an expert doctor and take the right treatment along with medication.